Introducing the Red River Virtual Environment (“VE”)

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on an internal R&D project / experiment. It’s an exciting one, so let’s take a look! “VE is a blend of technologies and integrations which provides a real-time, shared, interactive 3d environment with the intention of providing: It’s been a lot of fun solving the numerous problems […]

Accessing SQL Azure from Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform

Today we’re sharing a small open-source project which we use as a part of our cloud / containerisation strategy. It takes the form of a straightforward Linux bash script wrapped up in a Docker container, and allows the use of SQL Azure from a Kubernetes cluster on another cloud provider – for example GCP. The […]

Push or Poll? Get hooked on snappy integrations

I’ve written about APIs in a previous post and I’m returning to the topic here, chiefly because they’re so fundamental to much of the work we undertake for our customers, and to the world of software in general. Last time I was discussing rate limiting, but here I’m turning to the topic of web hooks. […]

How useful is the BCS for graduates? More than you might think

Last week I was invited by some fellow degree apprentices working at SSE to a BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) seminar. The aim of the talk was to give guidance to apprentices and graduates on advancing their career path, and the role which BCS could play in their careers. I was interested in sitting […]

Play nicely: working with rate-limited APIs efficiently w/.NET, async

Everyone and their dog has an API nowadays – but many of those APIs are rate-limited in order to stop DDoS attacks and protect against overwhelming resource usage on the server. Here I present a fairly simple way to write code which automatically respects rate limits on APIs. This came about as a part of […]

How to achieve simple URL-based routing to services in IIS

Did you know you can run multiple services or components under the same domain using IIS, even if the individual services are using completely different technologies, operating systems, or hosting platforms?  In a microservices, service-orientated architecture (SOA) or other distributed systems scenario, this is useful for providing a common, neat resource structure. Most “front-end” web […]

Red River stories: Lisa Legg

Red River is all about producing exceptional results for your organisation, but it wouldn’t be possible without our exceptional team. We wanted to big up some of the people who put their heart, soul and creativity into building the best business software – people like product owner Lisa Legg.

Want to join an award-winning software team? We’re hiring developers!

Red River wouldn’t amount to much without its team of smart and inventive coders. They’re the engine for everything we do: designing, realising and deploying the software on which our customers run their businesses. And with new clients joining all the time, we need to find more excellent and imaginative developers to grow our team.

EF Core – intercepting database queries for fun and profit

Entity Framework (EF) Core is Microsoft’s new ORM and successor to Entity Framework. It’s a rewrite from the ground up, and the feature set is currently quite different than EF 6 – take a quick look at the official comparison docs to see that it’s missing quite a few handy features. However, it’s built with […]