Robotics, Olympics Style

A HORSHAM based software business is celebrating the success of a college robotics team who recently represented the United Kingdom at a worldwide competition. Red River, based at Springfield House in Horsham, sponsored the robotics team from Collyer’s which was made up of five students, all of whom competed in the 2022 FIRST Global Challenge, […]

Raising the bar(code) with microservices

We’ve been closely following the hype around Docker, Kubernetes and all things containerisation for some time. It’s hard not to get caught up in it! However, rather than just microservice-ing all the things, we thought it best to test the waters and gradually upskill ourselves in the land of containers.  This post documents one of our […]

Revenge of the Lunchbots, in the beginning…

 …Simon describes the rationale behind the Red River initiative “The Lunchbots” Those of you who have followed us at Red River know of the work we do with schools, educational institutions and regional initiatives to help shape the landscape for the next generation of Digital Engineers. Our latest initiative is born out of meetings between us and […]

Waiting for the robots? You could be more productive

No doubt, the robots are coming: AI and automation will change the business environment beyond recognition. Until then we face human problems, many of which can be fixed. There’s a lot of talk about how the robots are coming for our jobs. Depending on your perspective that could be a great thing, or a dystopian […]

Investors eyeing your business? We’ll help you clear the red flags

You’ve established your business, built a viable product or service and you’re ready to take it to the next level. But investors are looking for the red flags in your business – and if they find them, you may not get the valuation you expect. By its nature, innovation is quick, and technology – even […]

Accelerating innovation – stop the startups eating your lunch

You’ve spent years creating your business, in which time its core technology has aged. These days your dev team is saddled with a legacy skill set – and it’s too busy patching up old code to build something fit for the app age. If you’re worried by the startups sniffing your sandwiches, it’s time to […]

What we’re not – avoiding hipster.js

Beard oil, sleeve tattoos, cold-press coffee and an office poet. We are literally none of these things. There’s a place in this world for sexy. There’s a place for software that’s all top-level, up-front smoke and mirrors. A place for beards that glisten and apps which dazzle and surprise. That place is probably Shoreditch. See, […]

Decoding a decade – Red River is 10!

Red River has just hit a big milestone: it’s 10 years since we started out. As the rest of us chill the champagne and set up party games, founders Kieren Johnstone and Simon Pringle look back on a decade of partnership, growth, and doing things right. We founded Red River Software on a wave of […]

Stop working outside the system (or death by spreadsheet)

If your business runs on buttery smooth software that serves your needs, enacts your whims and lights up places the sun doesn’t shine, well done: this post is not for you. If the very words ‘business’ and ‘software’ send your blood pressure rocketing, perhaps boil the kettle and read on. Because we’ve pretty much seen […]

Underperforming software? We need to talk about Alan

You were young, you were growing fast. You needed some code, so you hired Alan. Alan was always a multi-instrumentalist. He did you proud, throwing together the business software that helped you get things off the ground, and wiring up the network that everything ran on. As the company took off Alan went back and tweaked a […]