It might be an i-FilingCabinet or an e-FilingCabinet but it’s not automation!

I must admit, we like to work with companies that know they need automation. Most are fully aware that automating systems and processes will get them to where they want to be; scaling, increasing profit margins, keeping headcount manageable and opening up opportunities. Most of our customers have tried and have bought boxed products to […]

Degree Apprenticeship funding cuts: a massive own-goal

You may have seen our previous posts on degree apprenticeships and why they are the most positive step in addressing the skills shortage for our business and for the software industry in general. We have promoted degree apprenticeships tirelessly and along with the University of Chichester, who developed a degree apprenticeship program in Software Engineering, […]

On the move

It’s been a busy old year. We’ve rebranded ourselves, re-launched our website, recruited some great new employees, and ended up quite a bit busier. So we thought we’d cap it off with a move into a bigger and better office. From today our new address is: Red River Software Limited Spire Court Albion Way Horsham West Sussex […]