Am I missing a trick?

The world has changed: data is ubiquitous, the conversation unending, and your customers unforgiving.

Could technology help you open up new markets? Are legacy systems or an inability to innovate holding you back? Could smarter software transform the competitiveness, reputation or success of your business? We help businesses find answers to questions like these, and then we deliver them.

You may see technology as a means to chase a shifting business model, but in truth, fully embracing software - becoming a software company - is now a critical factor in growth and success. We can help you identify and capitalise on the opportunities, placing agile technology at the heart of your operations and guiding you through the digital transformation.

It’s a time of opportunity.

Let us help you seize it

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Case study: Edif NDE

Our client's legacy software was an obstacle to business growth. Discover how our replacement line-of-business system was an essential enabler of its global restructuring.

What we do

Our software brings business concepts to life, integrates disparate systems, creates new revenue opportunities and supports the myriad complexities of a diverse modern business. Discover what we do.

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We're always asking what business needs from technology. Here's what's in our heads.

Case study: Leap Environmental

We immersed ourselves in our client's data management challenge. Then we built it an award-winning solution.

Here's us on technology

Creating effective software means obsessing about technology. This is our outlet.

Red River's ability to drive major innovative change in a short period of time, and to replace core systems... in order to deliver business efficiencies, has produced huge potential opportunities.

Anthony Clare, Edif NDE