Is my due diligence diligent enough?

Software is complex, and it's increasingly fundamental to business success. If you're investing you need to understand what you've got and what its limitations are. If you're at the helm of a fast-growing company, you may not have the clearest idea of your own systems' capabilities, or the latent weaknesses that could lead to failure. In either case, you need a partner with both an expert understanding of software, and the business chops to know what's needed to achieve your goals.

We excel at assessing technical and business plans, systems and software products, and we delight in probing concepts, design, resilience and roads-to-market. We can assess and enhance the strength of your own big ideas, or provide expert technical insight into the strategy, ideas and health of your next investment.

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What we do

For businesses or investors seeking to understand current assets and risks, we perform due diligence and technical auditing on business systems and software. Discover what we do.

Case study: Edif NDE

We performed deep due diligence on our client's existing software, uncovering - and ultimately solving - multiple serious issues.

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We're as focused on the business world as we are obsessive about software. Read more.

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We work with investors, equity houses, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders navigating rapid change. Discover who we are.

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Our expertise is in building and evaluating software solutions for business. Discover our enthusiasm for technology.

They know how to pick your business apart and identify the underlying processes that drive a given piece of work.

Rob Ivens, Mole Valley District Council