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Talent is expensive, and buying it abroad is a cheap option, but the results often leave a lot to be desired. It's hard enough managing a software team in your own office, but add in geographical, cultural and time zone challenges and the result can be software that simply ticks off boxes, or in the worst cases is seriously flawed.

Of course, you can make offshoring work with a nailed down project plan, the right infrastructure, brilliant comms and an on-point management team, but that's everything you'd get by choosing an experienced, UK-based software partner.

Red River is a quality, UK developer of software products and business systems. We're approachable, contactable and credible, and will look beyond your brief to create and deliver brilliance. Isn't that the kind of relationship you'd prefer?

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Case study: Leap Environmental

Successful outsourcing means finding a partner who understands the challenge. Discover how we helped solve an age-old data management issue.

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We're as interested in entrepreneurship and business as we are in technology. Read more.

Case study: the Flipside Group

Struggling to find a partner with the required skillset? People like Flipside choose us for our extensive technical competencies.

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We're fascinated by finding technologies that will create advantages and solve challenges. We talk about it all the time.

Red River has been great at thinking beyond the initial business requirement to propose and develop solutions that have been technically innovative, visually impressive, and which have assisted me in getting through a step-change with my business.

Karl Scanlon, AerData UK