Is my breakthrough brilliant?

Proprietary technology is the toughest act to follow, and it's the biggest advantage a business can have, but creating a breakthrough takes something an order of magnitude better than what's already out there. If everyone's got a rabbit in their hat, a bigger rabbit isn't enough.

If you need to know that the business you're buying, building or funding truly has a breakthrough, Red River brings deep due diligence, technical auditing, evaluation and insight - we'll let you know just how brilliant you are.

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We've an excellent track record in evaluating and honing software products and strategy. Don't just take our word for it: read our case studies.

Case study: Care2Give

Our client needed a new fundraising product: here's how we helped make it the best it could be.

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Success demands brilliant, user-focused software. Discover more about our obsession with people-centric technology.

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If you prosper, we prosper: discover how we'll challenge you, working as your trusted software partner to hone your ideas and guide your success.

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To succeed, even breakthrough software must satisfy someone's needs. We're experts on technology's business context - read more

My business would not be in its current position had we not involved Red River in our product development five and a half years ago.

Karl Scanlon, AerData UK