Can I build a lasting relationship with expertise?

Like the Littlest Hobo, contractors can get you out of a fix - but then they just keep moving on. When they go they're taking knowledge of your business, and possibly even the IP you paid them to develop.

Why take the risk when you can create a lasting partnership with experts? When your product is software, shouldn't you work with a team who'll value and protect your IP as much as you? And shouldn't you develop business-critical systems with a partner who'll stick around to support them?

Red River builds long-term partnerships. We stand by our clients, honour their IP, and take pride in everything we do together.

Tired of commitment issues?

We’re with you for the long run

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What we do

We build bespoke software on which our customers run their businesses, or deliver their services.

Sound like the kind of expertise you need? Discover what we do.

Case study: the Flipside Group

We helped our client deliver excellence in a huge software deployment, forging a longstanding relationship that continues today.

Here's us in the community

We're interested in relationships - with our clients, staff and community. Discover more.

How we work

The Red River ethos is about delivery, partnership, communication, excellence and value. We'll stay around for as long as we're needed. Discover how we work.

Here's us on technology

Our cross-architectural expertise is the product of many projects, and no small amount of obsession. Read more here.

My company was the first customer of Red River software, and we have developed software with them as a partner during the entire time Red River has been in existence.

Karl Scanlon, AerData UK