Teambuilding? Why bother?

It sounds great on paper, but building your own team means knowing who to hire, selling them on your idea, and ensuring they'll stick around to deliver it. Oh, and while you're watching them bond over biscuits and GitHub, your competitors are in open beta.

Or you could get help from a team that someone else has already put together. It's taken us years, but we've assembled a close-knit, brilliant band of technologists and business process experts. We're tight, multifaceted, and agile, and we're ready to get under the skin of your project and exceed what you think is possible.

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Case study: Edif NDE

Speed is our advantage. Discover how we delivered a 600-man-day, full line-of-business software system in just four months.

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Our expertise is in applying technology to business challenges - here's what we know.


Struggling to maintain an in-house tech team with multiple skill sets? Our client chose a serious partner with extensive tech competencies already in place

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We work on an ever-changing lineup of projects, sectors and technologies. We're versatile, up-to- speed, and constantly exploring new ideas - here's just a selection.

Their brilliant approach to projects, and my 100% confidence in their ability to deliver, are the critical reasons I would recommend the team at Red River Software.

Anthony Basker, Flipside Group