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Many software partners propose the same solution over and over because it's what they know: they own a hammer, and everywhere they go they see nails. At Red River we're technology neutral. We understand that no two problems are the same, so neither are our solutions: we'll only suggest the tools once we're confident we understand the job.

To build outstanding systems, we embrace many disciplines: not just the design and implementation of code, but solid testing and quality assurance, and effective systems and processes for collaboration. If you're looking for a partner who sees your business as a new challenge that deserves fresh thinking, let's talk.

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Case study: Edif NDE

We built our client a bespoke new line-of-business system, saving time and money by keeping what worked from its old one.

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Case study: the Good Exchange

Our client needed a new fundraising platform. Before we got coding, we learned about charitable giving.

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Managing the introduction of a new system across teams in multiple international sites is extremely important in a project like this. They are not replica businesses; there are many nuances to each location. Red River not only worked with the original brief from Germany, but integrated great flexibility in managing the roll out across the whole company.

Anthony Clare, Edif NDE