Who’ll tell me what the problem is?

If your systems or software are holding you back, where's the problem? You could ask the IT manager, unless of course they're part of the issue. Perhaps it's best to join a business group, ask your peers or research some success stories?

Or maybe get in a bunch of experts. Experts with a proven track record of resolving systemic problems and opening up their clients' potential.

*Cough cough*

If you're struggling to grow your business, or finding that the start-up you've invested in is stubbornly resistant to change, you need someone you can trust to suit up, don safety goggles and start poking around. We're as versed in business challenges as we are in the software that solves them, and we've a track record of unblocking change through insight, understanding, and the application of technology.

Need someone to give it to you straight?

We’ll help you find and fix your problems

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Case study: Leap Environmental

What if the problem's industry wide? Our client trusted us to think big and build a transformative tool.

Who we are

We don't just find problems: we bring intuition and insight, and a genuine desire to create brilliant solutions. Discover more.

Here's us on business

We're as motivated by business challenges as we are by technology. Enjoy our latest thoughts.

Case study: Edif NDE

Our due diligence confirmed where our client's software was failing. Discover how we solved its problems with a brilliant new line-of-business system.

Here's us on technology

If your problem is software, we've the passion to build you something better. Here's us, blathering about technology.

Red River were engaged to help us grow through a potentially troublesome period... they have helped develop all aspects of the company, and have been key in getting us to the exciting position we are at today.

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