Great idea, but is it worth £500,000?

Ideas are brilliant, right? Around us there are those that could change a business, disrupt a sector, or create a whole new industry, but then again, the failures litter the carpets: maybe they came too soon, maybe they weren't developed well enough, or perhaps they just weren't that brilliant after all.

You might have a nose for business potential, but understanding the strength of a technology idea, the team behind it or their plan to develop it also requires in-depth, cross-architectural knowledge. If you're evaluating a candidate for investment you need someone with the technical nous to get under its skin - and the business expertise to understand it in context.

At Red River we work as your partner, bringing expert understanding of the technology behind business concepts and providing invaluable insight into the strength of technical propositions or business models. If you need help in identifying game-changers, polishing rough diamonds or deciding whether to walk away, call us.

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Case study: Edif NDE

We performed deep due diligence on our client's existing software, uncovering - and ultimately solving - multiple serious issues.

What we do

We work with investors, equity houses, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders. For those seeking to understand assets, risks and ideas, we provide consultancy and perform technical auditing on business systems and software.

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To solve business challenges, first you need to understand them. Here's us on business.

Case study: Leap Environmental

Our client had a great idea. We helped make it better, then realised an industry-challenging, award-winning software product.

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Software is our bag: we're fascinated by the latest thinking and the greatest ideas. Here's us on technology.

My business would not be in its current position had we not involved them in our product development five and a half years ago.

Karl Scanlon, AerData UK