Push or Poll? Get hooked on snappy integrations

I’ve written about APIs in a previous post and I’m returning to the topic here, chiefly because they’re so fundamental to much of the work we undertake for our customers, and to the world of software in general. Last time I was discussing rate limiting, but here I’m turning to the topic of web hooks. […]

Brewing an In-House Project

The tea round is a regular occurrence here at Red River, so when the opportunity arose for us to automate it with a TeaBot, we jumped at it. With an average of six tea rounds a day and an ever-growing team, it was becoming harder and harder to keep track of the tea round. We wanted […]

Play nicely: working with rate-limited APIs efficiently w/.NET, async

Everyone and their dog has an API nowadays – but many of those APIs are rate-limited in order to stop DDoS attacks and protect against overwhelming resource usage on the server. Here I present a fairly simple way to write code which automatically respects rate limits on APIs. This came about as a part of […]