How useful is the BCS for graduates? More than you might think

Last week I was invited by some fellow degree apprentices working at SSE to a BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) seminar. The aim of the talk was to give guidance to apprentices and graduates on advancing their career path, and the role which BCS could play in their careers. I was interested in sitting […]

Degree Apprenticeship funding cuts: a massive own-goal

You may have seen our previous posts on degree apprenticeships and why they are the most positive step in addressing the skills shortage for our business and for the software industry in general. We have promoted degree apprenticeships tirelessly and along with the University of Chichester, who developed a degree apprenticeship program in Software Engineering, […]

Apprentices – they work for all of us

Watch too much television and you’ll get an entirely unrealistic idea of what an apprentice is. Particularly, you’ll see contestants falling over themselves to get hired by a cold, disapproving company, acting as though it stands to gain nothing in return. It’s an entirely one-sided relationship and, not to put too fine a point on […]

The software development skills gap and why we need to invest in Degree Apprenticeships

With demand for highly skilled software developers continuing to increase, the shortage of available talent to fill these roles is putting pressure on the UK technology industry. Red River Software have partnered with the University of Chichester on their Digital and Technology Solutions Professional (Software Engineer) Degree Apprenticeship Programme to bridge that gap, provide practical, […]

Simon talks Software Careers at Inspire Conference

Not content with working full time on client projects, co-founder, Simon Pringle will be out nearly every day this week sharing his insight and experience and some all round tech love about software careers. The Inspire Conference run by our friends and partners at University of Chichester, will take place on Tuesday 7th June at […]

Addressing the technology skills gap with Apprenticeship Degrees

Red River Director, Simon Pringle was invited to talk at a Wired Sussex event on 17th May 2016 at the FuseBox in Brighton about our partnership with the University of Chichester and Sussex and the Software Engineers Apprenticeship degree. This programme provides the student with both academic and business experience as the student is employed […]

Software Engineer Apprentice Opportunity

We are delighted to be one of the businesses offering full-time work to the student apprentices on the brand spanking new BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineer) Degree at Chichester University. The course offers university-based modules alongside hands-on work experience. The student/apprentice will be employed full-time (4 days per week) by us in […]