Five awesome uses for React & Redux

In the world of JavaScript, React is very much dominant when it comes to front-end frameworks. A look at the latest State of JavaScript survey also highlights how a significant number of React developers are using Redux for the state management of their applications. The two libraries complement each other well; however, for a beginner […]

How to achieve simple URL-based routing to services in IIS

Did you know you can run multiple services or components under the same domain using IIS, even if the individual services are using completely different technologies, operating systems, or hosting platforms?  In a microservices, service-orientated architecture (SOA) or other distributed systems scenario, this is useful for providing a common, neat resource structure. Most “front-end” web […]

Synchronising systems with Azure Service Bus

A recent project we undertook presented us with an interesting challenge: how to synchronise two systems with very different databases behind them. Considering the project’s needs we decided that Azure Service Bus – a cloud-based messaging service – would be a good fit. In our solution a change in system A would use Azure Service Bus to send […]