Revenge of the Lunchbots, in the beginning…

 …Simon describes the rationale behind the Red River initiative “The Lunchbots” Those of you who have followed us at Red River know of the work we do with schools, educational institutions and regional initiatives to help shape the landscape for the next generation of Digital Engineers. Our latest initiative is born out of meetings between us and […]

Push or Poll? Get hooked on snappy integrations

I’ve written about APIs in a previous post and I’m returning to the topic here, chiefly because they’re so fundamental to much of the work we undertake for our customers, and to the world of software in general. Last time I was discussing rate limiting, but here I’m turning to the topic of web hooks. […]

Brewing an In-House Project

The tea round is a regular occurrence here at Red River, so when the opportunity arose for us to automate it with a TeaBot, we jumped at it. With an average of six tea rounds a day and an ever-growing team, it was becoming harder and harder to keep track of the tea round. We wanted […]

Teenager coders in the house

We are in the throes of Activities Week here at Red River. It’s a local schools initiative that promotes work experience among year 10 students, encouraging them to sample a taster of the workplace. We currently have 3 young men from Forest School in Horsham and next week expect to welcome some more students from […]

Powerful elegant software development and a lot of tea

Given our focus on people, we think it’s always nice to share the views of our own team. One of our most recent recruits, Chris explains why he came to Red River and what it’s like to work here. What attracted you to working at Red River? The genuinely agile working methodology and the modern […]