Automating deployment: what we do, and how we benefit

At Red River we spend a lot of time examining our own tools and processes, and ensuring that they’re as efficient and productive as possible. One area we have been incrementally improving over the last few years is our automated deployment process, where our objective is to remove any manual steps in deploying a piece […]

Software Engineer as a second career

It’s no secret that in today’s global society, being multi-skilled with a broad range of knowledge and experience, plus flexibility and a willingness to learn new things, can help sustain a longer career path. With so few ‘jobs for life’ these days, the trendy ‘portfolio’ approach often favoured by tech freelancers and the self-employed is […]

Powerful elegant software development and a lot of tea

Given our focus on people, we think it’s always nice to share the views of our own team. One of our most recent recruits, Chris explains why he came to Red River and what it’s like to work here. What attracted you to working at Red River? The genuinely agile working methodology and the modern […]