Angular2 Development Retrospective

The issue with picking up any new piece of tech be it a framework or entirely new language is how best to get started with it. Diving head first into a large project with deadlines is a trial by fire. You can emerge out the other side with some strong new skills and a fresh […]

Test email functionality in Node.js with Guerilla Mail

End-to-end testing of modern web apps should involve running through key user journeys – including registration or signup. If this involves the user entering their email address, a “welcome” or “email address validation” email is typically involved. This can be tricky to test automatically, often using fixed test addresses and IMAP/POP3 client code. Guerilla Mail […]

Binding to (and validating) HTTP headers with Web API 2

It’s already possible of course to get access to HTTP header values in ASP.NET MVC or Web API controllers – the direct approach, as below, is to use Request.Headers within a controller action. There are some hoops to jump through though, since the header may not exist, and might have multiple values: This is pretty […]