Five awesome uses for React & Redux

In the world of JavaScript, React is very much dominant when it comes to front-end frameworks. A look at the latest State of JavaScript survey also highlights how a significant number of React developers are using Redux for the state management of their applications. The two libraries complement each other well; however, for a beginner […]

Testing APIs with React and Redux. Part two – integration testing

In the first part of this article I demonstrated how a typical client API request to a server can be unit tested using the JavaScript testing framework Jest. I also looked at how this could be handled when the API call is part of a Redux state manipulating action within a React application. These tests […]

Testing APIs with React and Redux. Part one – testing in a React app

In the world of software development, unit testing and test-driven development (TDD) are widely advocated for improving product quality and confidence in maintenance, and reducing the overall number of bugs and defects. In an ideal situation such tests would run far and wide across each software product to cover every single line of code. However, […]