Underperforming software? We need to talk about Alan

You were young, you were growing fast. You needed some code, so you hired Alan. Alan was always a multi-instrumentalist. He did you proud, throwing together the business software that helped you get things off the ground, and wiring up the network that everything ran on. As the company took off Alan went back and tweaked a […]

Why better software *is* better customer experience

Tim’s bad service from a major courier reminded me of a similar experience just after we moved house. In Tim’s case, a next-day lawnmower that took a week-long detour means he’s unlikely to buy from the supplier until they change their delivery company. In mine, there was a more direct result.

Six reasons to avoid bespoke software – and why they’re all poppycock

There are a lot of preconceptions around software development. Given what we do, the ones we encounter most relate to the cost, strengths or weaknesses of custom-built software as opposed to off-the-shelf solutions. Here, then, are the six biggest reasons we hear to avoid bespoke software – and why they’re all nonsense.

Outsourcing: when excitement turns to excrement

We’ve all had the experience of ordering something, waiting patiently for it to be designed, built or shipped, and the fun of getting stuck in when it arrives. But sometimes, the excitement is brought to a swift, depressing end by the realisation that what you got wasn’t really what you needed after all. Maybe you’ve […]

Drive-by developer or software partner?

You can’t win them all, but after we were pipped to a recent contract, I ended up in a fascinating conversation. One of the investors behind the project had been particularly impressed with the Red River approach, and we got talking about the choices companies make when outsourcing development, and the way they can come […]

Procedural Generation – not just for games

Procedural generation is probably most commonly known as a programming method used in games to create diverse environments. It’s helpful in generating new worlds, terrains, characters, enemies and so-on for players to interact with, but it can also be used to great effect for practical purposes, and even to create music and art.

Product design: don’t you wish someone had bothered?

As a custom software development business, one of the things we always tell prospects when we’re in the early stages of pitching to them is that we’re fanatical about product design. It’s all very well creating a technically brilliant piece of software that can handle the complexities of a modern business, but if it’s unintuitive, […]

Automating deployment: what we do, and how we benefit

At Red River we spend a lot of time examining our own tools and processes, and ensuring that they’re as efficient and productive as possible. One area we have been incrementally improving over the last few years is our automated deployment process, where our objective is to remove any manual steps in deploying a piece […]