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You’ve spent years creating your business, in which time its core technology has aged. These days your dev team is saddled with a legacy skill set – and it’s too busy patching up old code to build something fit for the app age. If you’re worried by the startups sniffing your sandwiches, it’s time to give us a call.

It’s a familiar scenario. Your business of 10 years ago couldn’t see into the future, so it made technology decisions based on the environment and wisdom of 10 years ago. Maybe you made some great calls, or maybe you’ve been stuck down a software dead-end, but either way you’re working on – or selling– decade-old technology, supported by a dev team whose skills are rapidly looking quaint.

As competitors and startups spin up cloud services and work out new ways to deliver better results, you lack the resources and expertise to innovate. Your ageing stack, and its reliance on legacy skills, prevent you exploiting a tech landscape that’s undergone colossal changes. Against that, the skills shortage makes recruiting fresh talent a nightmare.

You’re short of resources, time and talent. Outside it’s apps and SaaS, and inside it’s still 2005. Where do you get the ideas and ability you need to stay relevant?

Insourcing innovation

We can help. Red River works across a range of clients and industries, pulling in ideas and influences, and always exploring the most suitable technology on which to build solutions for our customers. It’s our job to be up on emerging technology, and our enthusiasm and curiosity keeps us thinking about how it’ll help us solve problems and make brilliant software.

Our exposure to so much that’s new in software and our experience across so many customers gives us the opportunity to innovate in a way that’s often not possible for an established dev team. So increasingly, customers seeking to innovate are bringing us in to work alongside their in-house teams, giving us the remit to spike out interesting ideas and solutions, and to prototype new products, service and delivery concepts.

Lucky for us, but it doesn’t end there. Our business and project management experience means we focus on the strategic goal to deliver solutions that fit the business needs. And when we’ve prototyped, demonstrated or developed the technologies, we can work to help skill-up in-house teams, and to plan, coordinate and ensure a successful deployment.

So whether you’re complementing or replacing existing systems, and whether you’ve ideas to evaluate or problems awaiting intelligent solutions, get in touch. We can help you innovate to get ahead, respond to change with agility, or simply expand and update your capabilities. And as a long-term strategic partner, we’ll be there whenever you need us to help guide your technology decisions.


Photo by Edward Barboza on Unsplash

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