CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are part of the bigger platforms we generate for our customers.

CRM or ERP is a good way of describing part of it, but it’s not the whole thing – we want to build on a concept of ERP and CRM and tailor it for what your business does.

We use CRMs and ERP systems as part of the solution we provide for our clients, but we generally work with customers looking to bring in their own uniqueness, processes and interactions into a system.

ERP customers might come to us looking for these systems, with the thought of replicating systems they’ve worked on before. However our discussion will involve asking the client to think about what they need, what do they already do and asking how can we model something better.

Off the shelf CRM and ERP systems can hold a company back, having a bespoke one embodies your uniqueness as a business. We consider these systems as part of the integration into the whole for our clients, something we describe as platformification.

Take for example our work with EdiF/Reina (link to case study, I have the copy, it needs adding to a page), they came to us looking for a management system/ ERP system, and what they got was an industry specific platform, which incorporated the functionality of an ERP system and everything the business did. This approach ensured they were unique and gave them a good USP.