Mobile apps and web applications act as the shop window to your business.

Web applications are a way of serving up your company’s unique processes and delivering automation and integration within your businesses eco system.

Meanwhile the world runs on mobiles, there are 11.1 billion mobile connections (more than the 8 billion people in the world!). If set up correctly, the web applications and mobile apps can keep feeding back to each other.

We have many years’ experience in developing mobile business apps, and the systems we design, whether it’s in web applications or mobile apps, can sometimes need some very targeted app development to further automate processes and make them targeted for specific needs.

We have a dedicated team of web experts, designers, Agile software professionals that develop in the latest technologies and frameworks which include our own Cinnamon and Saffron.

We’re experts in capturing the unique processes of your businesses and delivering them in a very intuitive and useable way to ensure a smooth operation of your business.  We have teams of designers experienced in delivering responsive multi device friendly systems, and where needed we can create specific mobile apps.

Most of our projects involve development of some kind of cloud backend API, frontend web application, mobile app, embedded code, or some combination thereof!

Our approach to selecting technologies, languages, frameworks and hosting approach for a particular project or challenge is to look at a number of factors, including:

  • What approach will serve the project / situation best
  • Our own experience / expertise
  • Customer familiarity or preference with particular technology
  • Interoperability with existing systems / code

While we don’t have a “cookie-cutter” approach, we are able to leverage some of our IP (Saffron, Cinnamon, Infrared) and a great deal of collective expertise to create world-class apps and cloud solutions by using our core toolset, which includes industry-standard technologies such as:

  • .NET Core / C#
  • React / Typescript
  • React Native
  • Kubernetes
  • SQL Server

However, we have a diverse team of highly experienced developers with many years’ commercial experience in a very wide range of technologies, including:


  • Python
  • C / C++
  • Rust
  • Java


  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • Keras


  • Unity
  • Kubeflow


  • MongoDB
  • DynamoDB
  • Cosmos DB
  • Postgres

We have familiarity operating many major cloud providers in production, including Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Examples of this in use – customer portals, CRM, ERP systems, compliant systems, platforms & integrations, operational and management systems, data warehouses, AI and SaaS product