Our process

From brief to brilliance

We know investing in technology and software to accelerate growth is a serious commitment.

If done without perceptiveness, care, and intelligence it can be a costly and risky undertaking.

Once completed, fundamental changes of business process, products, routes to market and operations often follow as the software becomes integrated fully into a business.

So getting it right is essential.

It is rocket science and should be treated as such! We fully believe the maximum thought, questioning and testing should be applied at all stages to de-risk the process.

Through decades of implementing market leading systems, we have created processes to quickly and comprehensively arrive at a vision, design and roadmap for a software product or platform.

The stages involved in this are shown below –

This is how we'll deliver success

The Drivers

How we do this ….

  • Talk with stakeholders to understand the drivers for the business
  • Review current technology
  • Workshop Ideas
  • Introduce stakeholder to the possible
  • Review system connectivity across the domain
Business Opportunities
Intellectual Property
Increase Market Share
Investment and Exit
Expansion and Scalability

Product Vision

How we do this ….

  • Workshop
  • Explore user bases
  • Review and document working practices
  • Capture Functionality
  • Prototype & wireframe
  • Technology spike-outs
  • Budgetary costings
User bases
User experience
Market dominance
Artificial Intelligence
Software as a Service
Connectivity & Collaboration


How we do this ….

  • Define all feature sets
  • Work out development effort needed
  • Plan release of feature sets
  • Plan for launches
Features & Functions
Minimum Viable/Lovable
Release plans
Go to market strategy


How we do this ….

  • Fire up the engine! (pull the team together)
  • Architect the solution
  • Communicate with customers and refine features
  • Test integrations
  • Develop – test – release – develop – test – release
  • Commission infrastructure and hosting
  • Set up live, test and development environments
  • Stress test
  • Train
Agile Development
Design & Architecture
Reporting & Planning
Automation and Testing
Continuous Integration

Support and Enhance

How we do this ….

  • Set up support infrastructure (help desk, review periods, regular project meeting, contracts and SLAs)
  • Respond to issues
  • Review new opportunities and enhancements
Customer service
Feature enhancements
Opportunity Exploitation