Our intellectual property

First up, why do we need our own IP?

Writing software competently is very difficult, our industry has the worst shortage of skills in any industry, mainly because it’s really complicated and everybody is trying to automate. There is a massive demand, and a supply that can’t match demand. Everybody wants highly skilled developers, plus we have the tech companies releasing new frameworks every week.

So that’s – complex work, a skills shortage, automation and new frameworks to contend with.

For some, it can be hard to keep up with the new technology the rate it comes out, but because of the new tech we get all the whizzy functions we all want, like great UX demand, scaleabliity, security, performance and traceability. All those things are difficult to implement with a constantly changing background.

Enter Saffron and Cinnamon.

Cinnamon logo Red River
Saffron logo Red River

We created Saffron and Cinnamon to be frameworks that constantly evolve with the technological landscape, but allow people to create apps with the frameworks – without the need of 20 years in the industry to do it.

If it helps, imagine trying to drive a manual car with no knowledge how to shift the stick. Then imagine using an automatic. No need for gears, just get in the seat and go – our IP gives our developers an automatic instead of a manual (or shift if you’re in the States).

It’s a huge risk to start a development project, but by using Saffron and Cinnamon what we can do is implement state of the art systems using state of the art technology and have out of the box scalability and automated deployment without having to rewrite every time.

TL;DR I’m the client, what does that mean to me?

Shorter time timeframes, less money spent, quicker turnaround, San Francisco bay area, Silicon Valley tech coming into frameworks that developers around the world can use without writing it.

Monitoring your investment

As part of our all-round incredible service (yep, we said it, we’re excellent) we have created InfraRed.

InfraRed is our super-cool monitoring and visualising tool which we can tap into to show performance and deployments down to user and function level use of the systems, to be able to troubleshoot and proactively scale up and ensure security across the entire eco system.

It’s a useful tool for junior to senior staff and ideal for someone who is responsible for the digital landscape to be able to troubleshoot and have the assurance of what’s going on at their demand.

It enables us to fix anything remotely, without anyone needing to know or panic or anyone’s business being interrupted.

Plus, it looks pretty cool. Sometimes, when we’re trying to distract ourselves we like to make a round of coffees, then we all just sit and stare at it for a while. It’s soothing. Like a lava lamp. Here, you try.

Check out InfraRed below

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