Our story

Red River was set up by two self-described tech geniuses, Simon Pringle and Kieren Johnstone in 2008 back when Iron Man and Wall-E were in cinemas, and no one knew what Cryptocurrency was.

The two met when Kieren knocked on the door of a previous company that Simon was a director of, looking for work experience at the tender age of 17. After completing a test, as Simon describes ‘it was obvious he was something special and able to solve any challenge’ Kieren was put to work.

Fast forward a few years, a few company mergers and a lot of coffee later and the two had recognised kindred spirits in each other as well as highly complementary skills.

They decided to set up Red River in 2008 because they wanted to create a company that reflected their ethos.

Red River’s ethos is one which reflects their goals of supporting team members and their customer’s people, growing and looking after people, turning heads and changing the world, attracting team-members and customers and delivering with a sense of occasion.

But why the name? There are numerous stories which are banded around the office for the reason behind the name, but the actual answer is a lot less salacious – it’s the name of the river that flows through the town the company was set up in (and maybe, just maybe, inspired by Kieren’s flame coloured hair).