Case Studies

Three months to deliver a transformational fundraising system

Supporting one of the UK's largest SharePoint installations

A new digital fundraising platform for the charitable sector

Ground-up redevelopment of a business-critical, global management information system

Transforming data management in the geo-environmental industry


We're a software development company working with high-growth businesses, start-ups, investors, and organisations undergoing rapid change.

From web platforms and SaaS applications to end-to-end ERP systems we design and develop bespoke software on which customers run businesses or deliver services.

Our unique blend of technical excellence, business acumen and creativity helps us thrive in this high-speed environment.

It is rocket science

We're a brilliant team of business experts, technologists and multi-disciplinary software engineers, all working together to deliver exceptional business outcomes. Discover more about who we are, what we do and how we work.

Become a software company

People's expectations aren't changing, they've changed. Data is ubiquitous, the conversation is unending, and customer wants are unforgiving. Our habits are unrecognisable from even a decade ago, yet business evolves slowly. For the entrepreneur, for those who can be agile, it's a time of opportunity.

Is it me, or my software?

Who'll tell me what the problem is?

Is my breakthrough brilliant?

Am I missing a trick?

Is my due diligence diligent enough?

Is it me, or IT?

Can I build a lasting relationship with expertise?

Teambuilding? Why bother?

Hellooo? Can you hear me??

Do I look like a nail?

Great idea, but is it worth £500,000?

Need I wait two years for my software?

The latest

Want to join an award-winning software team? We're hiring developers!

Mulch ado about nothing - why a late lawnmower means lost business

Inspiring Through Technology - The 2017 Wayfinder Woman Conference

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On technology

EF Core - intercepting database queries for fun and profit

Angular2 Development Retrospective

Zero to MVP in 8 hours using Meteor

In the community

Go Collyer's, representing the UK in the global olympics of robotics!

Rash decisions, or why we're having a barbeque next year

Up hill, down dale: crossing the UK by mountain bike

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