Platformification is a made up word that aims to describe the process of capturing all the interactions of partners, suppliers, business community and clients into one software system,

A digital platform is a collection of business systems, apps, databases and data warehouses all pulled into one integrated eco-system that has the aim of automating all interactions within a business’s sphere of influence.

Web applications and mobile apps are part of this platformification and might also include your customer systems, supplier systems, information on the internet and data cannon from the Internet of Things.

If you’re aiming for a platform it doesn’t need to be built all at once as long as each part of it is fundamental and aiming for the end result, the whole of the things can work together.

A big platform can start as a web app, if we know where you’re looking to go to, we can build a web app which links to it.

Diamond Logistics is a prime example of this.