In this industry we need to ask ourselves when are we transforming and when are we disrupting?

Disruption is good as long as you’re building something bigger at the end of it.

Uber disrupted the taxi market, and now the company has many offshoots such as Uber Eats.

But you’ve got to be careful, you’re market could be so intrinsically linked to other markets it could ruin the one you’re in. In niche markets you could become a leader very quickly – take for example Seker Tech.

Disrupting is fine, as long as you get everyone on board. You can disrupt the market and the competition, but partner the customers. You don’t want to disrupt the market without getting everyone on board. The people you want to win as customers are the people you don’t want to challenge.

Ways we’ve helped disrupt markets for our clients have included –

  • creating SaaS products
  • putting AI where people were
  • automating processes

What were the results?

  • hugely scalable businesses
  • massively increased profits
  • great many partnerships and systems in businesses