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We have enjoyed working with the team at Red River since 2014, turning our customer>supplier relationship into a joint venture on a software project has not only highlighted how well we work together but the endless benefits the collaboration can bring to our product. We work on mutual respect with communication being absolutely key to maintain our wonderful relationship
Amy Pullinger
Their brilliant approach to projects and my 100% confidence in their ability to deliver other critical reasons I would recommend the team at Red River. We've since worked on a number of projects together. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them speaking from experience I know they will deliver every time
Anthony Basker
Digital Director, Flipside
Red River are an excellent company, blending bare knuckle tech prowess, knowledge and skill with plain English communication
Charlie Field
Managing Director CPJ Field & Co.Ltd
This was a high-level project plan that required big amounts of knowledge assimilation very fast. Red River knew exactly how to balance that and still deliver
Anthony Clare
‘Opus’ Project Manager, Edif NDE
Red River simply get the business they work on business objectives and actual need. They helped us to overcome the belief that fighting our own software would be more expensive or cumbersome than off the shelf leap we should have come to you a year earlier care to give
Richard Brinkworth
Director Leap Environmental
Red River fulfilled their role as a trusted adviser extremely well. We have implemented many of their ideas into our business, the qualities they bring that other suppliers could not, include innovation, experience and enthusiasm
Helen Carlile
Business Development, The Good Exchange
My business would not be in its current position had we not involved Red River in our product development
Karl Scanlon
We should have come to you a year earlier
Gavin Hockley
Director Care2Give