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A large scale project we delivered in 2014, which was Agile development in action, was recently featured in the summer edition of The Source, the magazine from the Gatwick Diamond Business Association.

Red River MD, Simon Pringle, was challenging the common assumption that major IT projects take years to complete, based on the recent work with did with Edif NDE – a huge global IT project that should have taken around 600 man hours, but was delivered in 4 months. The project was designed to facilitate a smooth transition from existing legacy systems, to a new way to manage and share information across international offices and sites. Not only did it have to deliver on technology requirements and be robust and scaleable, it had to work for all the teams across multiple locations and cultures.

Red River Software
The Source magazine, Gatwick Diamond Business Association, July 2015

We do love to bust a myth.

Especially when it comes to getting creative with technology.

“The Agile method worked so well because the Red River team were very confident, experienced and capable. It was all very smooth! This was a high-level project plan that required a big amount of knowledge assimilation very fast. Red River knew exactly how to balance that and still deliver. They incorporated an approach that was able to accommodate change along the journey.” Anthony Clare, Opus Project Manager, Edif NDE

You can read more about our Agile approach to this project here.

If you have a similar challenge, please get in touch.

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