Transfer Learning & The Power of Pre-Trained Models

Machine Learning is beyond a buzzword now – its use has grown rapidly over the last few years. It powers your phone’s autocorrect, your GPS traffic predictions and it even suggested that you add that weird guy from college as a Facebook friend. Transfer Learning is a term that lacks buzzword status but its importance […]

Synchronising systems with Azure Service Bus

A recent project we undertook presented us with an interesting challenge: how to synchronise two systems with very different databases behind them. Considering the project’s needs we decided that Azure Service Bus – a cloud-based messaging service – would be a good fit. In our solution a change in system A would use Azure Service Bus to send […]

Angular2 Development Retrospective

The issue with picking up any new piece of tech be it a framework or entirely new language is how best to get started with it. Diving head first into a large project with deadlines is a trial by fire. You can emerge out the other side with some strong new skills and a fresh […]