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Established in 2005 by the lighting industry, Recolight was created primarily for the purpose of operating a Waste Electrical and Electronic (WEEE) Compliance Scheme on behalf of lamp producers in the UK.

The Challenge

Recolight came to us as they were using an overly complicated booking system resulting in lengthy staffing times and a lack of knowledge around where the numerous containers, used for the recycling of the lights and lamps, were in the country. The system was costing time and money and causing frustration.

The new system needed to be easy enough to work for any user, including anyone outside of the company, to be able to use, as many of the containers are delivered and picked up by outsourced companies whilst providing value to Recolight.

The Process

Originally we were brought on to support and improve an existing system, however we quickly realised that despite having a system in place, it was nothing more than an electronic filing cabinet. We discovered where the biggest flaws were in the current system, then began to work through what the UX needed to be, and how to get there. We were of the opinion we could enable Recolight to offer more services without the need to grow the team.

The Solution

We rewrote the whole system.

The new UX based design ensures anyone with a low-tech background could use the apps without training. By making the process an excellent user experience when signing up, in turn Recolight could offer more services without growing the team.

By pushing for platformification and mobile technology, we have created a whole recycling platform which covers the entire customer relationship management process, including transport management with a QR code system, recycling management, financial management, compliance reporting and supply options.

We went further

Recolight have obligations to the environment, such as reducing the CO2 target. By having QR codes on all the containers, and by using Google maps we have helped the company be able to plot routes which will help them reduce emissions and their carbon footprint.