Horsham schools ‘exceptional’ link-up with software company

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Red River Software has made an extraordinary commitment to support Collyer’s T Level Digital Production, Design, and Development (DPDD) course this year. The collaboration with Collyer’s is testament to the invaluable contributions made by Red River, who are committed to addressing the skills shortage within the software industry.

Rob Hussey, Collyer’s Vice Principal (Curriculum) said: “Students and staff alike are fortunate to have such an exceptional company working hand in hand with them, fostering growth and creating remarkable opportunities within the software industry.”

“Through their dedication, Red River have not only provided valuable placement opportunities for three T Level students, but have also actively supported a range of workshops, enrichment activities, and work experiences, enhancing the educational journey of students in the programme.”

Ash Malde, Teacher with responsibility for T Level Digital Production is thrilled with the link-up:

“The unwavering support from Red River has played a pivotal role in empowering students to develop their skills and pursue their passions within the software industry. The wide array of engaging sessions, such as ‘Coding for Fun,’ on-site filming, and media hub interviewing opportunities, have not only extended opportunities and support to students but have also been instrumental in nurturing their interests, unlocking their potential, and fostering the development of essential technical and employability skills.”

Ash Added: “Our students have greatly benefited from the extensive opportunities provided by Red River; These have empowered them to enhance their skill sets. Seeing their industry-relevant expertise being applied to our T Level course is truly inspiring. The substantial support extended by Red River to our students plays an important role in effectively addressing the skills gap within the software industry.”

“The remarkable dedication of the Red River team in running these enrichments and workshops has been truly exceptional.”

This article originally appeared on the Sussex World website

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