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Morgan Boult, MD of Hero PA, based in Kings Court, Horsham, was once awarded the prize of ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ back in 2016 by none other than Red River CEO Simon Pringle.

Within a year the teenager had seen a gap in the market and set up a limited company. He started Hero PA in answer to the faceless call centres so often used by companies. Morgan wanted real people at the end of a line, who would be able to bring personalisation to a customer’s journey.

When Morgan was just 12, he received his ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award from Simon and the previous recipient of the award, Simon’s son Laurie.

Simon said:

‘I remember when we gave Morgan his award. I was so impressed by this kid already running a business and knowing what he wanted to do. I knew when we met that he’d go on to achieve great things, so when I bumped into him at a Gatwick Diamond Business meeting, I was thrilled to hear how things have gone from strength to strength for him.’

‘What’s apparent for me is that now, more than ever with the skills shortage across industries, we need to be identifying young people with skills and passion and supporting them in every way we can. What Morgan is doing is choosing his own path, and making a success from it. I applaud him for it.’

‘People come to us because they know it’s important for their customers to be greeted warmly, with personality and to feel looked after. We’re an extension of their business – and quite often the first person a customer speaks to, so we take our job very seriously,’ he explained.

Hero PA’s services are used for numerous industries, and Morgan currently counts 40 companies as clients with the aim to raise it to 100.

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