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Yesterday one of our all time favourite CMS’s (WordPress) released its new native editing application called Calypso. This means that users of WordPress can now manage multiple websites without having to log into each one individually. Other benefits include a performance increase over the traditional WordPress administration panel and the ability to aggregate content from other WordPress sites into a feed.

The Calypso application itself is powered by Node.js, a server side Javascript framework, and other popular libraries such as React. This has come as a big shock to many in the WordPress community who have been used to a mostly PHP stack for the better part of 13 years. Furthermore, Calypso separates the traditional WordPress administration panel from the WordPress REST API which highlights an intention to adapt the structure of WordPress as well as the languages driving it.

Since Red River has been using Node.js in production environments for a while now, the idea that there might be a shift towards the use of Javascript for the CMS community is massively exciting for us. And having written this article using Calypso, we can say that it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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