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Beard oil, sleeve tattoos, cold-press coffee and an office poet. We are literally none of these things.

There’s a place in this world for sexy. There’s a place for software that’s all top-level, up-front smoke and mirrors. A place for beards that glisten and apps which dazzle and surprise. That place is probably Shoreditch.

See, it’s all very well brewing slo-mo coffee, getting inked up like a Yakuza, taking up some co-working desks and coding in the latest bleeding edge hipster.js. It’s a development approach that smells of creativity and innovation, is sprinkled with buzzwords like machine-learning or AI – and if you want a website and a mobile app it’ll look marvellous.

But what if you’re a business looking for something more fundamental, more critical, and more challenging? A fundraiser looking for a bespoke new donations platform? A growing retail chain looking for a strategic technology partner, or an investor seeking an expert technical auditor? What if you need a new software backbone to sit at the very heart of your business and underpin your commercial operations? A bunch of hipsters tooling around in the latest language aren’t going to be as much help there.

What we do

We specialise in the kind of meatier challenges that – literally – transform businesses. We solve process, logistical and analytical challenges, streamlining workflows, improving efficiency and unlocking growth.

You can read much more about what we do, or as an example take our work for Edif NDE: an international client that had outgrown its core business software, and who urgently needed a modern, user-centred replacement that would scale with its rapidly expanding business. We designed and built a complete line-of-business solution in just four months, and delivered it without any break in service. We provided – and we support – the software platform that’s underpinning a now-global company.

So if you’re after smoke and mirrors, Shoreditch is where it’s at. If it’s a revolutionary technology partner you want, well, we’re in Horsham.

Image: Guilan Bolisay/Flickr, Creative Commons

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