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We pride ourselves on our outreach events, where we visit local schools and colleges to excite young minds about software engineering.

Most recently, CEO Simon and Red River employee James, took our three T Level students, to The College of Richard Collyer in Horsham, to meet with a group of Computer Science students who were visiting from The Forest School, as part of a T-Level outreach event.

Simon said:

‘It’s been great to see the creativity in character design, and the enthusiasm from the students. It was great too to have our T-Level students along with us, on what was their last day on placement. For our current T-Level students to be able to show students who are thinking about it as a career route, I think was very inspiring.’

James created a workshop on video game creation for the Collyers event, based on his work from seven years ago when he was a student at the very same college.

2 Computer monitors on a desk in the college. The left with Eric Cartrman from South Park. The right with pixel art made by a student of the same character. There is a leaflet on the desk saying Design a Pixel Art Videogame Character.

As well as events with Forest and Collyer’s, Red River works with other schools and colleges in the area, including supporting a degree apprentice who studies at the University of Chichester one day a week, and works with the Red River team the rest of the time.

Photo of inside the college classroom, showing an interactive whiteboard. Red River colleague James is standing with one college student. Another student is using a computer on the desk next to the whiteboard
4 males are standing in front of an interactive whiteboad in a college classroom. 3 are Collyer's College students. one is wearing a Red River Hoodie. The other is Red River employee James, who is also wearing a Red River Hoodie.

James, who works closely with the T-Level students, as well as helping to run outreach projects within schools and at the Red River offices said:

‘Sadly it’s the last day of our T-level student’s placement at Red River. It was great to have them in the office and brilliant that they developed a working and useful application in such a short time.  In our industry sector, experience is critical – something else which we were keen to ensure the students from Forest understood.’

If you’re interested in software engineering, drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

We offer work experience, advice and support and can always point you in the right direction of suitable courses to take.

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