Stop working outside the system (or death by spreadsheet)

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If your business runs on buttery smooth software that serves your needs, enacts your whims and lights up places the sun doesn’t shine, well done: this post is not for you. If the very words ‘business’ and ‘software’ send your blood pressure rocketing, perhaps boil the kettle and read on.

Because we’ve pretty much seen it all. From small businesses making do with improvised spreadsheets, through growing firms burying vital data in shared network folders, to long-established brands with line-of-business software that no longer reflects what the business is.

People are a resourceful bunch, and when software no longer serves them, they’ll find ways around it. We’ve met warehouse staff reverting to paper because it’s easier than updating system records, and even business owners pasting everything into Excel because none of their other software communicates. Sure, it’s great to be resourceful, but isn’t it better to fix the system?

Joined-up software

If you’re working outside the system, using workarounds and kludges to compensate for software you’ve outgrown, you’re not alone – it’s one of the most common business challenges we solve. Whatever the exact situation, the results are the same: frustration, a struggle to gain a view of key operational data, and insight that’s based on a partial understanding or analysis of what’s going on.

We can fix that. We write flexible and extensible business systems that reflect the business they’re built for. That’s no accident: we learn the context of your business operations, mapping the way data needs to flow around your business and talking extensively to stakeholders. We ask a lot of questions to find out how you need to work, and discover why any existing systems aren’t supporting that, and only then do we start designing software.

We work in the latest technologies, frameworks and languages, writing documented, standards-based code that’s focused on the user experience. And we don’t just chuck the results over the fence on the way to our next job. We build partnerships, remaining on hand to offer strategic technology consultancy, and to support, adapt and iterate our software as your business grows and evolves.

So, save the spreadsheet, put down the Post-its, and focus on fixing the system. You’ll be amazed what it does for your business.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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