I think we need an ERP system

We often get customer enquiries which start with the above phrase, which is fine – but there’s no real ‘one-size fits all’ system which works in this way. Let’s delve in deeper to explain a little more. First up, what does ERP mean? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is an integrated software solution […]

Automation – and why it won’t be taking your job

There’s a perfect storm brewing across industries which is accelerating businesses’ needs to automate. Automation is the only way of keeping business going and it’s not about taking your job, it’s about preserving it. However you look at it, automation would have touched your life in many ways.The definition of automation, via Wikipedia, is a wide range of […]

Riding the ChatGPT Wave

In the first of our video series, Red River’s co-founder Kieren Johnstone, talks through why we all need ChatGPT in our lives. This is the most significant development in tech since the 90s. As such, very quickly this will become the most significant thing to happen to the world of business, to commerce, to how […]

Introducing the Red River Virtual Environment (“VE”)

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on an internal R&D project / experiment – the Red River Virtual Environment. It’s an exciting one, so let’s take a look! “VE (Virtual Environment) is a blend of technologies and integrations which provides a real-time, shared, interactive 3d environment with the intention of providing: It’s been […]

Raising the bar(code) with microservices

barcode scanner

We’ve been closely following the hype around Docker, Kubernetes and all things containerisation for some time. It’s hard not to get caught up in it! However, rather than just microservice-ing all the things, we thought it best to test the waters and gradually upskill ourselves in the land of containers.  This post documents one of our […]

Transfer Learning & The Power of Pre-Trained Models

Machine Learning is beyond a buzzword now – its use has grown rapidly over the last few years. It powers your phone’s autocorrect, your GPS traffic predictions and it even suggested that you add that weird guy from college as a Facebook friend. Transfer Learning is a term that lacks buzzword status but its importance […]

Accessing SQL Azure from Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform

Today we’re sharing a small open-source project which we use as a part of our cloud / containerisation strategy. It takes the form of a straightforward Linux bash script wrapped up in a Docker container, and allows the use of SQL Azure from a Kubernetes cluster on another cloud provider – for example GCP. The […]

How-to guide: Copying files using Webpack plugins

Sometimes in the world of web development you have to work around some funny deployment issues and do things a bit manually. An issue I recently encountered was trying to copy a single file into the build folder when using webpack to build and run the non-local environment. After a quick Google (every developers first […]

Implementing Stripe 3D Secure to de-risk online payments

Right now, Stripe is arguably one of the best available options for companies wanting to take online payments from their customers. At Red River we’ve completed a number of Stripe implementations for our own customers and following the most recent one, I started thinking about security. In particular I wondered whether we needed to add a 3D […]

Push or Poll? Get hooked on snappy integrations

I’ve written about APIs in a previous post and I’m returning to the topic here, chiefly because they’re so fundamental to much of the work we undertake for our customers, and to the world of software in general. Last time I was discussing rate limiting, but here I’m turning to the topic of web hooks. […]