In the first of our video series, Red River’s co-founder Kieren Johnstone, talks through why we all need ChatGPT in our lives.

This is the most significant development in tech since the 90s. As such, very quickly this will become the most significant thing to happen to the world of business, to commerce, to how people work and how they live. 

Everyone will feel the impact of this soon – and everyone seeing this video should take note. If you haven’t already started to look at how this new wave of AI is going to transform what you do, what your business does or what your product does, start now, or be left behind. 

There’s no shortage of buzzwords and trends in tech – rarely is the hype backed up with real-world transformative uses. In this case, it is. 

I’m talking about the massive flood of innovation, experimentation and exploitation we’re seeing off the back of OpenAI’s releases of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. 

This is a quick video to give a brief overview of the tech – what it can do, what its shortcomings are, and what YOU should do right now. It’s a huge topic, so feel free to ask for a follow-up on any particular aspect. 

First, GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer.  Basically, it’s a system that generates text.  Given a prompt, it will progressively produce text that it statistically believes answers or progresses that prompt. 

There is obviously a lot more to the underlying mechanisms, a lot of detail. If you’re interested in how it works, some links will be included with this video. For the time being, lets understand the impact of the tech. 

GPT-4 can: 

Those are just the basics. The real power comes from its ability to *use tools*, or build it into other apps, platforms or services. Here’s some of the ways developers are experimenting and innovating with it: 

This should have your attention. If you’re wondering what to do – start with this: 

Not sure if or how GPT-4 might help or transform your business or industry? Why not ask GPT-4. 

If you have questions or comments, feel free to comment on this video. If you’d like to talk about ways Red River can help you with your strategy on this, drop me an email – [email protected]

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