Monthly Tech Tidbits – February Roundup

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Every month we post a collection of interesting articles, blog posts and links from the world of technology, software – or anything else that catches our eye!

This month’s tidbits, compiled by Jon, cover a range of topics. From User Interactions to User Engagement, thinking outside the box and more.

Things I learned by pretending to be blind for a week
The article looks at how it is for a blind person to use the internet and how browsers respond to tools such as screen readers, a real “eye opener”!

You’d Be Surprised By What Really Motivates Users
User psychology, what motivates a user to participate / buy into a site or community. Some good examples of good and bad ideas and possible surprises to what really motivates.

Your Boss Won’t Appreciate TDD: Try BDD
Testing. It often gets left to the last minute, then cut because you’re out of time, over-budget, or whatever else, this article covers why your boss won’t like TDD and why BDD might be more palatable to them.

A primer on OWIN cookie authentication middleware for the ASP.NET developer
A good introduction / explanation of ASP.NET OWIN and its use with the new Identity structure.

Float Labels with CSS
A really neat trick for adding placeholder text that stays there when a user is entering information into that field. There are various JS examples, but this one is pure CSS.

The Smartest $23.07 Ole Ever Spent
Lovely little article about thinking outside the box.

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