Red River Software wins Brownfield Briefing Award 2015

Brownfield Briefing is the leading business-to-business news service covering the development of previously used or contaminated land. It covers regeneration, remediation, regulation, policy and regional news.

Their annual awards offer one of the highest industry accolades that a company can receive, recognising technical and conceptual excellence in projects that have been underway over the past 12 months.

Red River is delighted to win the Brownfield Briefing Award 2015 in the category for ‘Best Science /Laboratory Advancement’ alongside client partners GreyZone and Leap Environmental Ltd for the Veridata product.

What is Veridata?

The Geo-Environmental and Environmental Health industries are responsible for overseeing land management and Brownfield redevelopment. As such, they are required to produce intricately detailed sets of data, including site investigation, chemical test and soil contamination reports.

Coordinating this information has, traditionally, been very challenging and time consuming due to the importance of accuracy coupled with the limitations of available software. Existing Environmental Data Handling (EDH) systems are generally large and expensive and therefore not suitable for SME’s and consultants in this sector. 

In partnership, Leap Environmental, GreyZone and Red River set out to develop specific software that would address this problem.

Through development expertise, product design and sales and marketing knowledge, the Red River team came up with Veridata – software that ensures data used in assessing sites is valid, cleaned, checked and in a format to query and make valid judgments on.

Veridata is a sophisticated piece of software that has since been officially launched as an online product available to the industry to buy. 

Time now saved on analysing data is about seventy five per cent. Using Veridata greatly enhances the ability to make accurate decisions about land contamination. This can save hundreds of thousands of pounds on a job. Data integrity in an increasingly litigious world is another major benefit. 

The product was developed on a cost per use basis, which starts at a nominal amount.

Veridata has the support of several councils and environmental consultancies around the UK.

 In 2014, the Landmark Information Group, the leading UK geographical mapping company and part of the Daily Mail Group, agreed to be a reseller of Veridata. This partnership is currently in the last stages of negotiation and when finalised, means they will promote and sell the software to their significant client and partner base.

Simon Pringle, co-founder, Red River Software said:

“What was really exciting for us was not just the ability to be create a ground breaking technical product, but to get under the skin of the market, manage the delivery of it and develop a reseller partnership with a key player in the sector.

To successfully deliver for a client is always the goal. To create something so useful for an entire sector, build great partnerships and attract such industry support, including this award from Brownfield Briefing, is just fantastic.”

Red River are delighted that Leap Environmental were also awarded the Brownfield Briefing Award for Best Scoping or Operation of a Site Investigation for a project for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

Read more about Veridata here

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