Teenager coders in the house

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We are in the throes of Activities Week here at Red River. It’s a local schools initiative that promotes work experience among year 10 students, encouraging them to sample a taster of the workplace.

We currently have 3 young men from Forest School in Horsham and next week expect to welcome some more students from Tanbridge House.

With an established interest and some experience in coding, we are planning to throw them in at the deep end and see if they are up to working with us to write some apps. Watch this space!


Co-founder and Technology lead, Kieren said: “We love working with local schools and seeing the world of technology through young eyes. They may only be 15 years old but their ideas and knowledge are fascinating and fresh and their knowledge of coding is often impressive. They choose where they go for this experience, so we’re delighted they came to us. Here’s hoping we may even have found future employees.”

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