Veridata Launch

Today marks the launch of Veridata, a tool intending to revolutionise the aggregation of geo-environmental data for the construction industry.

Veridata is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that takes various ‘matrix’ format lab certificates from data sources, checks them against dictionaries and compiles them into a single flat file database that can be exported back out to a database for easy onward processing and cloud sharing. This allows large amounts of historical data to be converted into a usable format, removing the need to re-test contaminated land.

Now in partnership with the Landmark Information Group, Veridata has already been used on the River Thames scheme with the following results:
Converted 31,000 paper records into queriable data.
Prevented the unnecessary excavation of 197 bore holes.
Delivered savings of approximately £200,000.

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