What’s it like to work as a Developer at Red River Software?


After a long career working as a software engineer for blue chip companies such as Dow Jones, Xerox, Emerson, I was offered and accepted a position at Red River Software by Simon Pringle, whom I’ve known for some time in a professional capacity. My first impression of Red River was that this is a company that is growing fast, is on the cutting edge of web technologies, and has an exciting vision.

For me, it was a change of both technology and project methodology. Having previously worked in heavily regulated software environments including Medical, Pharma, Aviation, Industrial etc, with a variety of technologies including real time operating systems, C,C++,Java, the Agile Scrum environment with Continuous Integration is exciting. It’s amazing to see specifications (stories) becoming usable software so quickly. This is quality software in internet time.

Code quality is maintained by code review and extensive testing, the same as in large, more formal Waterfall projects. The world-class development team is led by company co-founder, Kieren Johnstone. He is an exceptional leader, architect, and also the most prolific coder I’ve ever met.

In terms of technology, we work with pioneering web technologies. One example of our existing product base being AngularJS front end through MVC to C#/ SQL Server back end.
In this example, Entity Framework makes entity to SQL mapping with Migrations much cheaper in development time meaning we can achieve incredible things in a stunningly short space of time, thus delivering rapid development and very cost-efficient solutions to customers.

I’m very happy to be working with such an awesome team and with such exciting technology.

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